MAIA Temporary Gathering Place due to fire in kitchen

Hello all, Please stay tuned for more information regarding gathering places for the MAIA. Currently we are still at the same church, First United Methodist Church, 9 Ross Valley Drive, San Rafael, across the street from the main church in a room upstairs, corner of Greenfield St. and Ross Valley Dr. If this location changes a notice will be posted and emailed. The original email follows:

As you may have heard, on February 13th, we received a call from the church where we gather monthly to say they had a major fire in the kitchen at the church community room.

Fortunately the Fijian Group were having a service upstairs in the main church and heard the smoke alarm and one of them found the fire alarm box and put the blaze out before it burned the Church down. 

The smoke was so bad, no one is permitted to go downstairs at all.  The church will find a place for us across the street in their other building.  (Corner of Greenfield and Ross Valley Drive (there is a play area on the corner).  It will be a smaller area but we will try to get things organized by meeting time. Parking is limited, so park in the church lot as we usually do.

What we were shown were two places. Each one does not have a regular kitchen – there is a sink and electricity and a small kitchen area. Because of this, the food should be simple and ready to serve.  We cannot get to our supplies at this time — so bring a serving spoon if you need one.  Also, if you really want to help out, bring your plate and eating utensils.  We are trying to “make do” for now.  If you have any questions call Sally at 415-454-5969.

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