Turtle Island Award

Focus on Turtle Island Award

The former Focus on Turtle Island Award was given annually to those who made a major environmental contribution to this land which is known as Turtle Island to many American Indian tribes.  Currently, we have speakers or obtain information from these award winning groups which keep us informed on how their goals are being met.

Previous Award Recipients

2023 – Jean Berensmeir was awarded the Turtle Island Award at the First Annual Marin Powwow on March 19 at Miller Creek Middle School. Jean was instrumental in preserving Marin County’s open spaces and in providing environmental education to Marin County’s youth.

2008 – STRAW.  On Saturday, November 8, 2008, we presented our “Focus on Turtle Island” award to the Bay Institute for their Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed (STRAW) program. They have worked on over 30 restorations each year – using creeks and wetlands as “hands on” laboratories to directly involve students in rebuilding the health of the watershed. Some of their work has been done with Native American teachers. We were honored to acknowledge their efforts to help preserve the environment for future generations.

2007 – Marin Audubon Society for its efforts to protect and restore Marin and Bay area habitats to make them better places for wildlife and people.

2006 – Habitat Media for its work in film and television “that increases public awareness of environmental issues and inspires personal action”.

2005 – Marin Conservation Corps for its work in developing youth and conserving natural resources for a strong, sustainable community.

2004Marin Beyond Pesticides for its work to protect our environment and our children from the many dangers of pesticides.

2003 – Marine Mammal Center for its work rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals.

2002WildCare for their work in nature education and wildlife rehabilitation.

2001Don Neubacher, Superintendent of Point Reyes National Seashore for their outstanding job juggling tourist demands, resident needs, and park preservation.

2000SPAWN (Salmon Protection and Watershed Network) which is dedicated to saving endangered Coho salmon by their educational programs and the removal of dams on streams.

1999Project Underground for their outstanding report “Gold, Greed and Genocide”.