The Marin American Indian Alliance had their beginnings in the early 1970’s. At that time we assisted CETA in finding jobs for the American Indians living in Marin County. We also assisted the Miwoks living in Marin county in protecting the graves of their ancestors. (This is now being done by the Graton Rancheria Indians – Miwok.)

There is an estimate that there are members of over 40 tribes, from all over the United States, living and working here, in Marin. Our board is composed of representatives from these many tribal nations.

Currently we host monthly cultural and educational gatherings for our people. Through our Facebook page and newsletter, we are able to keep American Indians living in the Bay Area connected, provided with current information, informed about various programs, and connected with current happenings and programs of interest.

Our Common Goal is to keep our people connected and to keep our environment safe for the coming generations. As an elder once said, “We do not own this earth, we only borrow it from our children.” With this in mind, we have had a yearly award known as a Focus on Turtle Island in honor of this land. Currently, we have speakers or obtain information from these award-winning groups which keep us informed on how their goals are being met.

We are a non-profit, volunteer organization.
Donations are tax-deductible.

Board Members:

Sky Road Webb, President (Miwok)
Christina Garcia, Secretary (Pomo)
Una Harding, Treasurer (Paiute)
Mary Kitchens, Chair (Cherokee)

Bio’s coming soon on our board members!!! Stay tuned