Marin project aims to save monarch butterflies

During our last MAIA gathering we discussed growing milkweed. I wanted to pass along this article from Marin IJ to let you know that we were not alone in our thinking to ramp up help for the Monarch Butterflies! :

In Marin County, only 200 monarch butterflies were observed this winter, which is down from a record 38,700 counted in 2015.

Conservation groups say the decline has been caused by a combination of pesticide use, degradation of overwintering habitat, loss of the nectar and milkweed plants the butterflies use for food and breeding and climate change.

A cohort of public agencies and nonprofit groups have teamed together in an attempt to restore these vital habitats and plants in Marin County this year. The California Wildlife Conservation Board allocated $400,000 toward the nearly $800,000 project at the end of February. Read full article with Map in Marin IJ.

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