Unole Drum Group Midwinter Concert, December 20th

Unole Midwinter Concert
livestream on Zoomclick to evite
Sunday, December 20, 2020 1pm Pacific Time / 4pm Eastern Time

Osiyo Friends,

Join the Unole singers for a concert of songs to lift our hearts. As in many native traditions, we feel that the songs and dances keep Mother Earth revolving, keep the circle strong and alive, and that a life of joyful practice includes singing and dancing. 

Midwinter is a time of year when music will play a role, as we turn within mirroring Mother Earth’s inward turn in the Northern Hemisphere. Music will play a role in her preparing to burst forth from the lessons gathered during spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our music is not just a spectator sport, so we hope you’d like to sing along!  A positive side to zoom is that you can sing loudly and dance wildly in the safety of your own home. You can download the songbook here . The music CD Songs From the Peace Village can be downloaded wherever you download your music.
We look forward to seeing you for the Unole Midwinter Concert on Zoom!

in Peace,
Sunray Mediation Society

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