Sioux Chef’s mission: Decolonize the kitchen

Although founder Sherman, 46, is a Sioux chef who was once a sous chef, The Sioux Chef is a business enterprise comprised of a 15-person team of chefs, ethnobotanists, event planners, caterers, food preservationists, foragers and academic experts like recent hire Armando Medinaceli, the team’s education director.

He’s built his enterprise around a theme of using only ingredients that were available before Europeans arrived in 1492, which excludes wheat flour, cane sugar, dairy and the typical American standards of beef, pork and chicken.

In his travels to tribal communities here and abroad, he has incorporated foods such as salmon, berries, plants like wild onions and dandelions, bison, wild turkey and other game into his recipes. Read more from Indian Country Today…the foods mentioned in this article sound so good! Watch videos on Natifs North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems.

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