Keystone XL Pipeline Stays Blocked in U.S. Supreme Court Order

We have heard that this pipeline will look for a re-route. Stay tuned for more updates. Read the full article below from Yahoo.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to let construction start on TC Energy Corp.’s Keystone XL oil-sands pipeline, rejecting a bid by President Donald Trump’s administration to jump-start the long-delayed project.

The justices, without explanation or noted dissent, left in force part of a federal court order that blocks use of a key federal permit. Although the justices cleared the way for other oil-and-gas pipeline construction projects to use the permit, they refused to do so for Keystone XL.

The rebuff means almost all Keystone XL construction is delayed until 2021, according to court papers filed by TC Energy. The company told the high court that lifting the order probably would have let construction start by August on the pipeline, which would carry more crude than some OPEC members produce.

“TC Energy remains committed to the future of this project,” the company said in a statement. “We will continue to evaluate our 2020 U.S. scope. In Canada, our work in 2020 remains unchanged.”

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