Navajo Nation residents face coronavirus without running water

Margie Barton unfolded a map of Dilkon in Navajo Nation and pointed to the clusters of households representing 90% of its residents living without running water. Barton is the coordinator of the Dilkon Chapter House, the local administrative and communal center, and is involved in almost all aspects of keeping services up and running for the community — including access to clean water.

About 30% of the population in the Navajo Nation does not have running water in their homes during a time when hand-washing is critical. It also has one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates per capita in the U.S. 

“Once it was brought to our attention just how many people were catching and dying from it — that’s when it hit home here in Dilkon. All of a sudden, everybody is scared,” said Barton. Read the full article on CBS News.

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