New Standing Rock Nation Foster Home

An update from the Lakota People’s Law Project below. The new foster home on Standing Rock Nation will open soon! This is such good news and so needed. They are in need of support. Please go to their website if you can contribute. Please send your prayers for strength and success!

“Located on the South Dakota side of Standing Rock, the home is almost ready. We’ve recruited our first tribal foster parent, and we expect to have children in the home early in the New Year.

Standing Rock’s tribal leaders support this effort, and in time we hope to aid them and other tribal nations in creating additional foster homes for more kids in need. There are far too many. According to the ACLU, American Indians comprise less than nine percent of South Dakota’s population, but 52 percent of the children in its foster care system are Native. Our children are 11 times more likely to be placed in foster care than a white child.”

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