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Several news stories have been published in Utah and Arizona:

[UT] A Navajo student had eagle feathers on her graduation cap. Her Utah school told her to take them off — or she couldn’t walk across the stage.

 — Most of what Tasheena Savala wore to honor her Navajo heritage was covered by the billowy folds of her graduation gown.

     Under it, she had on a traditional velvet dress that her grandmother had sewn for her and a turquoise and silver belt of her mom’s. On her neck, she layered tribal necklaces. On her feet, she slid on moccasins.

Courtney Tanner, The Salt Lake Tribune – 6/24/19  

[AZ] Republic wins ProPublica grant-supported project to investigate Arizona tribal education
 — The Arizona Republic is one of six news organizations selected by the nonprofit ProPublica to participate in its grant-supported Local Reporting Network, a project that supports investigative journalism in local newsrooms across the country.
    Republic reporter Alden Woods will be the lead reporter for a yearlong investigation of education in tribal schools, a story that emerged from his reporting over the past 18 months about a troubled school on the Havasupai reservation in the Grand Canyon.
Shaun McKinnon, Arizona Republic – 6/7/19

= = =   
[AZ] Arizona governor OKs school voucher fix for Navajo children
 — PHOENIX (AP) — Legislation giving a handful of Navajo children from Arizona another year to use their vouchers for tuition at a private New Mexico school was signed Thursday by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.
    The House and Senate approved the legislation without opposition late last month.
[Three captioned photos.] 
Jonathan J. Cooper, Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle – 6/6/19 at 5:41 pm
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[AZ] ‘We’re not erasing our religion’: Native American student protests graduation after school bars beaded cap
 — A Native American girl was turned away from her high school graduation Thursday after trying to enter the stadium wearing a cap adorned with a traditional feather and beads and spent the entire ceremony outside in protest with family and friends.
BrieAnna J Frank and Lorraine Longhi, Arizona Republic – 5/16/19 at 6:32 p.m.

= = =  
[AZ] Havauspai students travel 250 miles to experience ‘eye-opening’ promises of a larger school
 — WADDELL — Gretchen Maynard thought the students were in shock. She saw it in hoodies cinched tight as the kids toured the gleaming high school hallways. It was in the way the Havasupai students avoided eye contact and kept their mouths closed, hesitant to engage with the outside world. They were 250 miles from their Grand Canyon home and a world away from Havasupai Elementary School, the tiny tribal school that had failed generations of students.
Alden Woods, Arizona Republic – 5/17/19

= = =    [AZ] ACLU defends Native American student’s right to wear beaded cap to graduation
 — The Arizona arm of the American Civil Liberties Union says a Phoenix-area high school senior should be able to wear beads and feathers on her graduation cap and gown based on the state’s religious protections.
[Four captioned photos.]
Lorraine Longhi, Arizona Republic — 5:37 p.m.

= = =
[AZ] TUSD adds second-year Yaqui language course at Cholla High
 — Pascua Yaqui students at Cholla High School will have the chance to delve deeper into their tribe’s native tongue following the expansion of a Yaqui language course for next school year.
    The TUSD Governing Board gave Cholla administrators the green light on Tuesday to roll out a second-year Yaqui language course — a “bold second step” for the district, according to Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo.
Brenna Bailey Arizona Daily Star – 5/16/19

= = =  
[AZ] Arizona Superintendent Hoffman: Pro-voucher group exploiting Navajo students’ predicament to expand program out of state
 — State schools Superintendent Kathy Hoffman on Tuesday slammed the pro-school-voucher group behind a late-session push to allow Arizona vouchers to be used at some out-of-state private schools, contending that the American Federation for Children was exploiting Native American students’ situation to further its policy agenda.
[27 captioned photos.]
Rob O’Dell, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and Pamela Ren Larson, Arizona Republic – 5/22/19

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